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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tampa is there for this historic period of mourning. and its december 1. christmases in the air ahead of a holiday parade. i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm keith cate. thanks for joining us. the men convicted of gunning down his neighbor six years ago after an argument has been released from prison on bond. trevor dooley will be allowed to stay out of prison while he appeals his conviction. rod carter has an update on the story. >> reporter: trevor dooley walked out of the jail about an hour 45 minutes ago walking very briskly on his walker headed to his home in hernando county where he will stay during the appeals process. when he walked out, he didn't say a single word to anyone. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: much like he has since the beginning, trevor dooley did not say one thing as he left the orient road jail.>>
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he uses a walker although he walked very quickly to a bondsman's car without answering any questions. trevor dooley was convicted of the 2010 shooting death of david james, but later won an appeal based on erroneous jury instructions. judge thomas barber signed the order, granting him bond while the appeals process plays out. but with conditions like staying away from the victim's family. >> we were sort of expecting this. >> reporter: david james widow is not surprised and she is definitely not happy. i talked with her shortly she had a strong message. >> i hope that you enjoy the holidays. i know your birthday is coming up i believe in december. christmas, new year's, easter, all the rest. just remember, we never got to continue any of that with dj because you took him from us. >> reporter: she is worried for her daughter, who was eight years old when she saw her father shot to death. trevor dooley claimed stand
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>> i try not to let this rule my life. i try to move on. i tried to make a very happy environment for my daughter.>> reporter: now, trevor dooley -- trevor dooley's release comes with conditions. he cannot leave hernando county except for medical or legal reasons and cannot have any contact with the victim's mi any type of weapon whatsoever, specifically a gun. >> the appeals process goes on. rod carter in hillsboro county. fire investigators are working to determine what caused a popular rec center to burn down. flames broke out at the winston recreation park center just before 3 am. 35 hillsborough county firefighters responded to the scene. it took them over an hour to put the massive fire out. people who live in the neighborhood say the center was
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they can't believe it's gone. >> it's just sad to see something like this because it means this is just more than a building to the people here. this is their heartbeat. >> the center was being renovated at the time. county officials say it was covered under insurance but there is no word yet on what caused the fire. and now, special coverage in cuba. the convoy carrying the ashes of cuban leader fidel castro has left growth lined the streets to give castro a final welfare. the military caravan left from santa clara. his ashes are being driven back along the same route that castro took to revolt against the cuban leader back in 1959. tonight, a delegation from the tampa bay history center is in cuba to witness this historic period of mourning. jeff patterson met up with him today. jeff is the only bay area reporter in cuba this week.>>
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it's an amazing fight, a small, cedar coffin covered by a cuban flag in the back of the trailer filled with flyers and pulled by a big green military jeep. the route the coffin is taking is the reverse of fidel castro's march to power after his revolution in 1959. along the journey, thousands lined the streets to wave flags, some of them crying as the procon the journey will travel more than 500 miles when castro's ashes will be delivered. there are officially nine days of mourning until that internment takes place in cuba. castro's death is just symbolic to some. he hasn't been president for a decade. many cubans told us it's like losing a beloved grandfather. the funeral train took abraham lincoln from washington dc to illinois to compare this event
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it's a symbolic loss to somebody meaningful and emotional loss to many here in cuba. in havana, cuba, jeff patterson news channel 8. >> jeff is reporting from cuba all week and he is the only local reporter there. watches reports every night here on news channel 8 president-elect trump is taking a victory lap after striking a deal that would keep 1000 jobs from leaving the country. trump and vice president-elect mike pence toward the carrier plant in indianapolis. trump spoke with some workers and executives while inspecting the assembly line. during his campaign, the new president-elect made saving jobs at the plant one of his many promises. >> these companies aren't going to be leaving anymore. they're not going to be taking people's hearts out. >> the carrier spokesman says the company received $7 million in tax incentives from the state to keep the factory running. the recounting has begun in wisconsin. this is the first candidate
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ring party candidate jill stein requested this recount. she says she wants to make sure the ballot machines were not compromised by hackers. donald trump beat hillary clinton by about 22,000 votes in that state. the gunman who killed a washington state police officer is dead after a 12 hour standoff. to come police report that the officer was responding to a domestic call when he was killed. the shooter barricaded himself and used two children as the girl and the boy were later found safe. officers also discovered multiple weapons inside the house. family and friends said their final goodbyes to a wayne state university officer killed in the line of duty. officer collin rose's funeral was held in michigan. rose was shot in the head while investigating car burglaries in a detroit neighborhood close to campus. about 1000 people attended the service.
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tennessee. three more people have been found dead in gatlinburg where wildfires have been raging for days. the death toll now stands at 10. officials are hoping to open the main roads on wednesday so residents can slowly begin returning home. a kid -- a chat and officer is suffering a gunshot wound after conducting a random search of an abandoned building when a man cannot shooting. the officer was hit three times. we are told but the search is on for the shooter. six schools were placed on lockdown today as investigators combed the area. a tampa bay water bell skyrocketing in just one month. >> shannon behnken gets to the bottom of the change and speaks to the family who says that christmas may be relevant. it is looking a lot like christmas in polk county. we are going to take you to lakeland where a parade is about to begin. and perfect timing. a cold front is moving through
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boundary but it's pretty quiet at the moment. we will look at radar and begin ahead at your weekend coming up. you have a lot of choices to make in the morning. >> will the kids need a jacket or raincoat, or umbrella? should you take a chance on the howard franklin or stay with the courtney campbell?>> but when it comes to a morning newscast, choose the one on your side with news and weather on the eights. >> if you're hopping on the howard franklin bridge southbound -- >> feels like fall this morning, clear and cool right >> start your day with traffic
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eagle 8 hd is brought to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> cleanup is underway after a deadly line of storms tore across the southeast. take a look at the where three tornadoes ripped through the area. strong winds wrapped -- rocked power lines and damaged buildings. one resident think things could have been worse. >> i am one of the lucky ones. i still got a roof over my head. >> pretty good perspective. in atlanta, three tornadoes in the metro area. fortunately, no one was injured. cleanup crews were out clearing out trees and fixing downed power lines. any residents had to hide and
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if you've been cheated, when you need help, she is on your side. better call behnken. >> a skyhigh water bill for water provided by the government but a private mobile home management company controls the bills and collects the cash. a temple terrace family saw their wastewater sewage bill jump from their normal $50 monthly bill to more than $1300. their landlord is offeri that's when they knew they better call behnken to find out what was going on. investigator shannon behnken is joining us now. that is quite the leap. >> reporter: it's a big jump and typically you can go to eymann is a polity and they can help you or look into it usually. but this time, there was no help offered to them. most municipalities can give you a one-time forgiveness, but this time, nothing. >> the bill should not be that. >> reporter: charlotte and her
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lamplighter on the river mobile home park. >> we don't have this kind of money to pay this bill. >> reporter: the typical bill is around $50. the mobile home park has not offered any help in managing this big bill. >> we have been calling and calling every day and there like will get back with you to work out a plan no nothing. >> reporter: so she called me to get answers. i found water bills that lamplighter are handled a bit differently than most communities. each home has a meter but it's only read by lamplighter employees. lamplighter then pays temple terrace utilities one big bill for the entire community instead -- and sends residents a bill for their share. so i checked out how much lamplighter is paying for water and found something interesting. >> there hasn't been any giant increase in usage. i think it's gone down a little
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>> reporter: the family admits they had a leak last month but fixed it within hours of finding it. so you don't think you used that? >> not 129,000 gallons. >> reporter: more than half of the big bill is sewage cost. those are based on water usage and guess what, lamplighter handles its own sewage treatment. i went to the on-site manager. >> they have a $1300 water bill. >> reporter: and then i spoke with corporate. >> these residents came to us because seriously are looking into this. >> reporter: this will be no easy fix but management did agree to take another look at this big bill and explore the same kind of payment reduction options that a public utility could offer. the management company tells me this meter was checked after the meter was read in the under -- and the underground leak was discovered. they believe the meter is correct but there is no
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that there bill is ticking upward.>> if the leak was water underground, it wouldn't have been passing through the sewage system what it? >> right and that's one of the things i asked him about because that is typically how public utilities can help you out is because if they find that you have a week, then you don't have to pay sewage on it but it wasn't offered. so management agreed to look at it. that could be at least somewhat of a fix because $700 of this 530,000? >> 129,000. >> that's crazy. if you have a problem you need help solving, you better call behnken. right now, chairs, chairs, and more chairs. for days, people have been claiming the spots for the annual lakeland christmas parade. it starts in just less than two hours and melissa marino is joining us in lakeland. melissa, you and i both live in
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your spot is as much a tradition as the parade is. >> reporter: oh yeah. this year's theme is miracle on main street, sitting because that is where i'm standing. take a look at all these people. they are ready. they have their chairs set up and as you said, the goal is to get the best seat. pretty soon, the christmas parade and more than 100 floats it's a long-standing tradition but it's what happens before the parade but steals the show. >> we have always had rules. unfortunately, many times those rules are overlooked as people want a good vantage point. >> reporter: comfy chairs, tiny chairs, and everything in between, set up hours, some even days in advance. >> we saw chairs going out on monday. >> reporter: jessica golden set hers out 10 hours early. >> we wanted to make sure we get a good seat. >> reporter: but many had
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to find a spot. i got lucky with this spot. >> reporter: at this business, they meant business. >> there would be many of the spaces gone and it was just kind of a dilemma where we're trying to have a business function for friends, family, whoever and there were others in group -- intermingled. >> reporter: they put signs out days ago warning that any unauthorized chairs would be removed. >> >> fantastic. we came up this morning and there was not one chair out. >> reporter: local officers keep an eye on the situation. >> we look at the chairs to make sure the rim signed blocked. >> reporter: there is no shortage of complaints but this is tradition. lots of chairs and quite a crowd here ready for the parade to start. they are expecting 40 to 50,000 people. it gets underway at 7:00 so just under two hours away. >> melissa marino in lakeland tonight. thank you.
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chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> temperatures have been nice and warm and a cold front is coming through the bay area. typically we expect a few showers along the boundary and there are a few down to the south but right now max defender 8 is relatively quiet as the focus of any precipitation has shifted farther to the south and east. a few showers left across the sections of highland county, south of lake placid around archibald. this point. that is about it in terms of precipitation associated with this front. the wind shift is changing and temperatures a cooling off. that's lakewood ranch. 77 degrees. cool skies, partly cloudy there. at the plantation crystal river, 68 degrees. we have a north wind at 5 miles per hour. note that north wind, that wind shift. north winds at 12 miles per hour, 72 degrees. our overnight low temperature
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year. about 14 degrees above average. it was quite warm and humidity was up. 76 degrees right now and freedom plaza. sun city center, overcast with that northwesterly flow and in lakeland where the parade will be taking place, west winds that to meet me. we're looking for that wind shift to occur there. we have cutting the state coming up. don't forget the brand-new bears. the rough riders will be out with the truck ready to pick those up from 6 am to 7 pm, the teddy bear drive. rod carter got a great shot, nice day today despite that front passing through. there was plenty of sunshine, 60 degrees at 7 am. cooler certainly but still above our average given the time of year. it looks like the next morning, temperatures will be a little closer to normal. 77 degrees and sun city center. upper 70s in apollo beach. a few clouds amount. you can definitely see that temperature difference with that wind shift along that boundary is that front pushes
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the gusts armstrong, wins not really a factor in the speed but as a front passes through, that wind shifts. dry air aloft. slowly moving away squeezing out a little bit of moisture we had high above the bright blues and greens indicating higher moisture levels. as we look at the satellite imagery, you can see showers to the south of us. otherwise, things are clearing out as high pressure built-in. the short-term model says they winds will continue from the north, clear skies overal conditions as the front pushes down to the south by the afternoon hours. we can call it breezy later in the day. more sunshine around and plenty of sunshine today. a few clouds associated with the front. plus and conditions overall, able cooler and drier. that breeze will make it feel a little cooler. saturday, typical december temps. we will see high temperatures in the average level in the afternoon. that's our forecast for
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actually comes back north as a warm front and that makes it much more mild for sunday at 82 degrees. monday and tuesday, temperatures are still fairly warm, dealing with another front of the road. looks like there is some cooler temperatures way up the road. you can see that as we get into friday. as we talked about this yesterday, this is day eight at this point but some very cold air overtaking much of the country and we will be at the southern end of amazing. >> seasonal. if you are using your android phone to knock at your holiday shopping, we have an important warning for you. >> after the break, how some malicious apps are infecting phones and what you can do to
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make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself.
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we have a consumer alert for android users. nearly 1.3 million phones have been infected by fake apps. they can install harmful software. nearly 150,000 versions of the software have already been blocked by google. some good news for chocolate lovers. nestli found a natural way to reduce the amount of sugar in the candy. nestli plans to alter the structure of sugar molecules by using natural ingredients. the new process could reduce sugar content by up to 40% without they claim, changing the taste. the change will start in 2018. spotify is out with a list of the most streamed artists of
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spot with over 4.7 billion streams alone this year. is song one dance making the most popular of all time on spotify with 970 million streams. and of course justin bieber and rihanna rounded out the top three. the most streamed female singer, is she coming? ariana grande. i don't see her. but you know what she looks like. if you are thinking on buying everything on the list for the 12 days of christmas, it's g at the same as last year but two turtledoves was up $375. if you want everything down to the park ridge and the pear tree, you would spend more than $34,000, $233 more than last year. >> because of those pricey turtledoves. >> maybe that's a good thing. the economy is improving. >> what makes turtledoves increase in price? >> supply and demand. >> i think it would be tough to
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that seems a little pricey to me. >> saver money packs are coming up at 5:30 pm, protecting or packages. it's getting easier for threes -- for thieves to rip you off during the holidays but 8 is on your side. high tech ways to make sure your gifts aren't stolen. still thinking about the 12 days of christmas. wildfires are still raging in tennessee. what one singer is doing to help out victims who lost their
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> it's the time of year for gifts and piracy. 8 on your side is making sure your gifts are safe. i'm jennifer lee. >> and i thanks for being with us.


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